Why Persian Top Meal?

Fresh, Healthy, Affordable

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The Taste of a Culture

Memorable Flavors of Our kebabs

Experience the delicious and mouthwatering flavors of our kebabs, including Chicken Koobideh, Koobideh Kebob, Vaziri kebab and more. Each bite will transport you the amazing taste of Iranian culture.

Moreover, all of our kebabs are provided at a much more affordable price!

Experience The difference!

Our Featured Main food

Experience something different with a much more affordable price, a flavor that bring you miles away, to the center of a culture with more than thousands years’ history!

Flavors of Persia: A Weekday Feast

Savor the taste of Iran with our daily specials. From Koobideh Mini Kebab to flavorful Chicken Koobideh, Zereshk Polo Mini, and classic Koobideh, there’s something delicious for everyone. Plus, enjoy a daily stew selection of Ghormeh Sabzi or Gheymeh.

Join us and experience the best Iranian cuisine every workday of the week.

Experience The Memorable Flavors at the Lowest Price!

Economical Menu

Our daily specials are served for only $12.99. They are available for pick-up orders and are served from Monday to Friday until 3 PM.

Our add-on skewers include one kebob skewer at the lowest price, keeping you feeling full for long hours! 
And lastly, Don’t miss out on our super delicious, mouthwatering, and affordable sandwiches!

Daily Mini-Lunch Specials

Irresistible Flavors Every Weekday!

Our Menu

Savor Our Affordable and Flavorful Menu!

only available for takeout orders

Family/ Party Packages

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4 people packages


8 people packages



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